The primary objective of Sauter Carbon Offset Design is to reduce GHG emissions by 50 to 100% in boats by optimizing and applying the full range of well established technology in shipbuilding, and when applicable to employ the cutting edge advances to come out of the automotive and aerospace industry.

According to the IMO, Richard Branson’s War Room and Wartsila, a 75% reduction in GHG emissions is a realistic goal for commercial ships. Sauter Carbon Offset Design points to the fact that a 75 to 100 % reduction in GHG is a realistic a goal when applied to Superyachts. Formula Zero and Super Nova are the worlds first Examplar Carbon Neutral Superyachts.

While on going testing may produce results in 10 to 20 years, implementing currently available technology right now can reduce emissions by 50 to 75%. Not acting on this fact is allowing boats over this same period of time to put up to 6 billion tons of GHG into the biosphere needlessly.

Wartsila reports;

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