The DynaWing AC72 34th America’s Cup Challenger has a Schooner Rig featuring a hybrid Wingmast
and boom furling mainsail combination that delivers a dynamic range of power options from a full sail array with Wingsail emulation efficiency to a gradual reduction of sails down to Wingmast reefing.

The DynWing AC72 adheres to the ruling design parameters of the AC72, the length, beam and total
sail area that includes a maximum of 2 wing segments

    DynaWing AC72 advantages when compared to the Oracle AC72 Wingsail

  • Under full power the DynaWing Schooner rig at the much lower height of 32 meters has the same sail area as the 40 meter Wingsail rig, but with a greatly reduced heeling moment.

  • The boom furling mainsails provide dynamic loading specifically aimed at tailoring the heeling moment when racing at high speeds in strong winds.

  • With a 4:1 aspect ratio each hybrid Wingmast retains the same level of efficiency under full load as the single 40 meter Wingsail. However when overpowered the hybrid Wingmast can shed the load while arriving at still higher aspect ratios.

  • Airflow through the full compliment of schooner sails can be further optimized by the adjustment of the 2 hybrid Wingmasts.
  • The longitudinal mass of the vessel has a better distributed lower center of gravity that reduces the risk of pitch polling.
  • The AC72 Dynawing Schooner rig shown here weighs and costs about the same as the AC72 40 meter Wingsail rig. As with all schooner rigs there are variations to consider, but we see this design to be the simplest and most cost effective way of getting the required power.
  • The DynaWing AC72 Schooner rig is easier to transport, easier to erect and can be reefed rather than dismantled when moored.
  • The required technology employed in the design and construction of the DynaWing AC Schooner rig is readily available.
  • The DynaWing AC72 Schooner rig is applicable and compatible to the existing AC72 sail options.
  • With the same total sail area the DynaWing AC72 will perform as well as the Oracle AC72 in light winds, but will achieve higher speeds with a greater margin of safety when pushing hard in the strong winds that make ideal racing conditions for on looking spectators.

Richard Sauter head of design commented “The DynaWing AC72 Schooner rig truly reflects the sailing legacy that laid the foundation the America’s Cup is built upon.With the DynaWing Schooner rig the existing AC72 is transformed into a viable ocean going design that has significant relevance to the yachting world as she points to the fact that hi-performance sailing vessels are the ultimate Eco-Friendly Carbon Free ride."

DynaWing AC72 Specifications
Length: 22m
Beam: 14m
Draft: 4.4m
Mast Height: 32m
Displacement: 5,700 - 5,900 kg
Sail area:
2 Wing Masts: 260 sq..m total
Gennaker: 320 sq..m+
Main & Gennaker: 580 sq..m+