Design overview

Formula Zero is a 43m Plug-in Carbon Neutral Superyacht that is faster, more specious, more ergonomic and far greener than any of the competition.

Its catamaran configuration supports 800+square meters of light concentrating Wingsails that raise the efficiency of the largest Solar Cell Array ever deployed on a luxury superyacht of her stature.

Formula Zero’s state of the art Wingsails half as tall as sails found in comparable monohulls, induce far less drag whilst generating twice as much thrust.

Catamaran wave piercing hi-speed hulls along with Formula Zero‘s self leveling sea keeping hydro & aerodynamic advances, enables her to out run any vessel in her class in unparalleled comfort.

Cruising at 12kts a 75 to 100% reduction in GHG emissions is achieved by employing multiple diesel electric drives supported by fully rotational wingsails, power sailing wave motion regeneration, a 400 square meter solar cell array and UPS backup.

All combined, cruising at an average speed of 8kts Formula Zero’s regenerative charge and lithium storage systems allow for a virtually unlimited zero carbon cruising range.


Formula Zero

Comparison specifications are based on a 43m catamaran
roughly equivalent to a 54m monohull.

Length 54m 43m
Beam 10.5m 15m
Draft 4.5m 0.8m
Guests 10 10
Crew 10 10
Weight <440tons
Sail area 1400+sq.m 800+sq.m
Cruising 12kts 12kts
Max speed
14kts 18+ kts
Engine MTU diesel Mercedes Benz Bluetec
1,200kw 500kw diesel electric
diesel diesel/battery
3,500nm 3,500+nm
Consumption <260lph <80lph
CO2 per day <16tons <4tons
Zero carbon motoring range none 50nm
Zero Carbon cruising range at 8knots average none Unlimited
Carbon Neutral cruising range at 12knots average none 7,000+nm

As a Certified Carbon Offset Project Formula Zero should save on average 4,000 tons of CO2 per year. Plugged in to shore power she is capable of feeding 200+Mwh’s of electricity to the grid. Enough energy to make 7,000 nautical miles of Carbon Neutral voyages every year.