Sauter Carbon Offset Design presents the 22 meter Emax Excalibur built by Ned Ship, a Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid Fly-bridge Cruiser that features a Photo Voltaic Carbon Epoxy Exoskeleton that comes with a 25 year warranty.

The Emax Propulsion System employs the most advanced form of hybrid diesel power to date. the VW Marine 350TDI and the GM Allison dual mode Hybrid Transmission with Delco Remy motor/generators. The GM Allison Hybrid Transmission which was developed with 330million dollars of DOE Grants, powers 10’s of thousands of hybrid trucks and buses oporating in everyenvironment from Arctic toTropic locations around the world.

The Plug-in Emax Excalibur has a top speed of 30 knots and can harvest enough energy per year to Offset up to 3,000 nautical miles of Carbon Neutral Cruising at 18 knots.

Richard Sauter head of design commented “ The Emax Excalibur is the world’s first Carbon Neutral Yacht built from molds in order to produce a semi-custom series which represents the first step in the
maritime industry towards the production of Post Carbon Yachts.

Currently available OEM Technology present in the Emax Excalibur;

  • VW Marine 350TDI V8 Diesel/GM Allison Hybrid Transmission (10 year warranty)
  • SunPower/Solbian Marine Solar Panels (25year warranty)
  • Mercruiser Zeus Duo-prop Drives
  • Ned Ship Epoxy Carbon Kevlar Composite Hull and Superstructure (original owner lifetime warranty)
  • Energy Star Equipment, AC & Refrigeration with Waste Heat Recovery
  • Corvus Lithium ion UPS (10 year warranty)


Overall Length; 22m
Beam; 5m
Draught; 0.9m
Displacement; 38tons
Hull; Epoxy Carbon Kevlar Composite
Fuel; 3,000 liters
Lithium ion Battery; <200Kw
Emax Propulsion; 2xV8 VWTDI350 / GM Allison Hybrid Transmission
Power; 2x330Kw
Drives; 2x Zeus Duo-prop
Plug-in; Return to Grid over 50MWs per year
Max speed; 30knts <50% Reduction in GNG emissions and Fuel Consumption
Cruising speed; 22knts <65% Reduction in GNG emissions and Fuel Consumption
At 18knts <75% Reduction in GNG emissions and Fuel Consumption
At 14knts <85% Reduction in GNG emissions and Fuel Consumption
Battery Powered Zero Carbon Range <100nm
Annual Carbon Neutral Cruising Rang at 18 knts <3,000nm
Cabin; 3 Doubles 1 Single

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